Each panel consists of a single unit that can be equipped with circuit-breaker, contactors, load break switch or switch-disconnector, as well as all accessories for the switchgear’s conventional units. Each panel provides a cubicle in the upper part for auxiliary instrumentation
Design Includes:

Protection and control
Earthing switch

Load break switch with or without fuse
Self Powered feature

All interrogative interlocks as per IEC

Additionally door defeat interlock
Internal arc classification IAC A FLR

There is a continuous effort to keep abreast of latest technology inline with customers’ requirement.

All these activities are followed as per ISO 9001 : 2008.
Salient Features HT 11 KV Indoor Type

Compact, sturdy with an adaptable design
Maintenance free & high reliability
Total compartmentalized design
Provision of discharge flap with Slits
Long electrical and mechanical life
Conforms to Latest IEC/IS
Type tested for all Government./Private Architects
Internal arc tested for 11kV 25kA IAC A FLR for 1 sec
Compatible for remote and SCADA operation (As Per Requirement)
Closed door operation
Motorized VCB rack in and rack out & earth switch


Distribution Networks
Industrial distribution
Primary & Secondary Substations
Switching duties for Capacitor, Motors and Auxiliary Generator Units for Power Plants