Directional Drilling - Connecting Main Utilities
The design and size of our rigs allows us to access jobs that other drill companies cannot do. Our unique hybrid rigs require a compact set up area and small entry and exit excavation.

We also have our higher capability rig for larger projects such as network links and roads.



Our process begins with careful scoping of each project, using remote analysis and site visits.


There won’t be many problems we haven’t seen before - we’ll present our solution to your project.


Once the plans are signed off our engineers will take care of the digging and drilling quickly and efficiently.


Each project overseen by Operations Manager to ensure that our quality standards remain exceptional


Our Horizontal Directional Drills and Impact Moles can be used for a huge range of underground installations. We work with major contractors and companies directly to carry out their underground pipe, cable and ducting installations quickly, efficiently and with minimum disruption.

We can take care of the whole underground cable installation process, from start to finish, including searches, plans, license to bury cable underground, drilling, installation and reinstatement.

As Directional Drilling Specialists, Barmag offer an alternative to trenching by installing services underground using an impact mole or directional drill.

Many clients need to minimize surface disruption and have site preservation issues to consider which would render trenching inappropriate.

The method we use, moling or drilling, depends on the elements of each specific job such as accessibility, ground conditions, human/vehicular traffic and distance to cover.

Vital utilities or services that underground installation can facilitate are: water, gas, electricity, drains and communication networks Mole Group is able to assist installers of wind turbines, outside lighting, CCTV and fibre optics in the provision of their services.

What is Moling

Moling is a trenchless method of laying pipes or cables underground, where a pneumatically driven machine known as an Impact Mole forces a path through the ground, displacing soil rather than removing it.

Impact Moles come in all sizes, from 45mm diameters up to around 500mm in diameter.

We will pick the appropriate size Mole for your project, and it tends to be a quick and simple way to install smaller pipes underground

Drilling/Moling Vs Trenching

Even when there are no obstacles in the path where you want to lay pipe, and the condition of the ground doesn’t matter too much (e.g. a field), it can still often be quicker and cheaper to use an impact mole rather than an open trench


There are a huge range of situations where using a directional drilling contractor will be preferable to digging trenches. Some of the advantages are:

• Minimum disruption (to road, rail or pedestrian traffic)

• Usually cheaper

• Usually quicker

• Relatively environmentally friendly (e.g. reduced CO2 emissions)

• Small footprint for work (only entry and exit points)

• Looks extremely professional

• No scarring